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MapoLicensor May 19, 2021 was updated as follows: ① New: Support Jingyi VIP module. ② Improvement: Reduce the size of protected files. ③ Improvement: Optimize protection speed for large files.
MapoEngine v2.0.1 is a small version for bug fixing, the change records are as follows: 1. Fix the problem of incomplete display of function names in Chinese. 2. Fix the problem that individual programs cannot check all functions for full program encryption. 3. Fix the problem of failure of intelligent analysis of individual 64-bit programs.
Changelog:1、Comprehensive support for 32-bit and 64-bit exe, dll, sys programs. 2、The world's first protection system that supports full program code encryption.
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MapoLicense recently released a new version, the main changes are as follows:① Change from ASCII to UNICODE to fully support...


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