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MapoEngine v2.2.0 Release

MapoEngine is a full program code virtualization protection system independently developed by MapoSafe, based on the current cutting-edge code virtualization protection technology, providing users with an intelligent, secure and all-round software protection system through powerful internal code analysis engine.

MapoEngine has released v2.2.0 with the following major changes:

1、 Support loading map file, when opening the target file MapoEngine will automatically load the map file of the same name under the target file directory, and after loading the map file will show more accurate function name, which is convenient to locate the function to be protected in the case of map file.

2、 upport to view pseudo-C code, press F5 shortcut in the disassembly window will decompile the corresponding function into pseudo-C code, convenient to locate the function to be protected without a map file.

3、Support multiple languages, currently support English, Chinese, French, Russian and other languages display.

4、Protection strength enhancement。

5、Optimize program performance after protection.

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