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MapoAnalyzer v1.3 - Code analysis, decompiling plugin for x64dbg

Let x64dbg have the same function recognition and decompile function as IDA.

Function Recognition

After loading the program to be debugged in x64dbg will automatically analyze the relevant function information, with delphi7, delphi10, lazrus, mingw, rust, vc6- vs2019, function library, you can quickly identify the corresponding library function.

String Recognition

String recognition can quickly locate the key functions based on strings.


Double click on the function or string can be decompiled function code to pseudo-C code display, the core engine based on Ghidra.

Apply the analysis results to x64dbg

By default, the function identification result will not be applied to x64dbg disassembly, you need to manually right click MapoAnanlyzer->Analyze, after applying, the identified functions will be added to the disassembly window as labels and comments, which is convenient for identifying functions during dynamic debugging.




Just overwrite the corresponding x32 and x64 folders in x64dbg with the x32 and x64 folders in the zip package.

This plug-in is a separate function from our encryption product MapoEngine, which is a by-product of our encryption product process.


1、Decompile code can be directly decompiled by double-clicking the sub-function of the corresponding function

2、Right click menu can be forward and backward

3、Fix the problem that the comparison symbols in if expressions are not displayed


1、Fix the problem of initialization failure when the path of x64dbg is in Chinese.

2、Fix the problem of crash when parsing Borland's map file.

3、Fix the problem of clicking the code in the decompiler window to highlight the code with the punctuation after it.


1、Fix the problem that 64-bit can not identify library functions


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