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MapoLicensor updated (2021.12.01)

MapoLicensor - Software License Management System Based On Cloud, Based on the self-developed code virtualization protection engine - MapoEngine to achieve the cloud license system, no need to provide their own servers, no need to write any code to access the cloud license in one click, to protect the software from cracking.

MapoLicense recently released a new version, the main changes are as follows:

① Improvement: Upgrade version update server, more stable, support more users to update files。

② Bug Fixed: Repair the problem that individual utf-8 file names will fail when use version update。

③ Repair the problem of white screen for 10 seconds after the protection page is finished。

④ Bug Fixed: Repair the problem that the protection of individual programs will be stuck after crashing when protection。

⑤ Repair the problem that upload failure still shows success when use version update。

⑥ Bug Fixed: Repair the problem that nodejs program protection will get stuck and cannot be protected。

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